Fairy Cafe

Fairy Cafe

Scarlett from Fairy Cafe

Fairy Cafe is an ongoing (read:stalled) project created with my buddy Rob Turner and starring Meg Tuten and Henry Galley.

At some point this pilot short will be a BYOOTIFUL full piece of animation instead of just an animatic but UNTIL THEN...

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Fan art by Alex Whitington of TheSoul Publishing's Teen-Z, Duh! and ZomCom

In 2021 I worked full-time as an animator for the hit theSoul Publishing web-cartoon Teen-Z. It was made in constant crunch and the pay was so laughably below a living wage for this country that the experience smashed me into little impoverished pieces and my bank account still hasn't recovered.

BUT!!! On good days - I had a blast! The hands-off remote-work set-up suited me, my colleagues were (mostly) great and - most importantly - I got to be part of a big team working together to make a show. It may not have been no Owlhouse Universe, but being part of that process was a dream come true.

Some episodes I worked on

Somewhat outdated Demo-reel
Momo animated in Moho

A fan animation for the podcast Hey Tavern Tavern!

Momo the mouse is performed by Erin Keif

And yes, this scene stuck with me 50% for comedy reasons and 50% for horny reasons :v
Tooth Or Dare

This cartoon was written, directed and animated by the unstoppable Meg Tuten. I just helped out with a bit of editing and made the scene transitions!

Self Centaured

A thesis film for the University Of Lincoln's animation course

  • Written & Directed by John Bowen, Ano Pabian and Alex Whitington
  • Animation (good!!) by Ano Pabian
  • Animation (sloppy and bad!!!) by Alex Whitington
  • Music and Background art by John Bowen
  • Martyn Horner-Glister as the voixce of Tambourine Man